The Punjab School Welfare Trust


Aims & Objectives

The aims and objects for which the trust is being established are:

1.        To render financial support to the employees of The Punjab School and to general public, who have for one reason or the other, fallen into distress.

2.        To provide for the welfare of the employees of The Punjab School and to general public on case to case basis with the direction of the Board to render financial support.

3.        To acquire, develop, construct and maintain the lands and buildings for the establishment of schools at various areas of Pakistan.

4.        To provide financial support to the educational institutions for arranging state-of-the-art facilities including, but not limited to audio visual aids.

5.        To give scholarships, stipends, concessions, grants, rewards, prizes, books and other educational aids and materials to the deserving/outstanding students and players for promotion and development of education and sports in the country and abroad.

6.        To give grants, rewards, prizes and other benefits to the scientists, educationists and persons working for the promotion and development of scientific education and other useful knowledge in the country.

7.        To grant scholarships, give aid, loan or other assistance to any individual (s), trust, corporation, body or undertaking or association in pursuance of the Trust's objects.

8.        To grant donations/assistance/aid to charitable institutions and needy persons.

9.        To provide assistance to the people affected by natural disasters like floods, earthquakes etc.

10.      To establish institutions to eradicate child labor and give them free education.

11.      To establish and run medical centers for effective primary medical care of poor and needy people.

12.        To establish community clubs for arranging cultural programmes Naat Competitions, Mushaira, Qirat Competitions and Debates, etc.

13.        To help the impecunious adults, especially the girls, to get married.

14.        To support the orphanages.